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José Seguinot Barbosa
Co-Principal Investigator
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Dr. José Seguinot Barbosa is a Full Professor in the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Puerto Rico – Medical Science Campus. Dr. Seguinot received a Bachelor of Art degree in Geography from the University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras in 1975, a M.S. in Natural Resources Planning from National University of Mexico in 1978, and a Ph.D. degree in Geography and Geology from the School of Geosciences at Louisiana State University in 1983. He obtained a Juris Doctor (law) degree from the University of Puerto Rico in 1990. He has postdoctoral studies in Global Changes from Laval University (Canada) and in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Alcalá in Spain. From January 1981 to July 1990, Dr. Seguinot joined the Department of Geography at UPR, Río Piedras campus. From 1990 to present he has served as professor of geographic information systems, environmental law and environmental geology in the Department of Environmental Health at the UPR Medical Sciences Campus. He has been the director of the Geography Department, of Atlantea- Caribbean Exchange Program and actually he is the chairman of the Department of Environmental Health. He received in 2008 a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to do research in Spain about climate change, health and sustainable development.

He has been a legal advisor and expert in several legal environmental cases and had directed more than 50 research grants related to water and coastal pollution, tropical forest deforestation, human ecology, environmental management, law, risk assessment, global changes, environmental health, culture and environment, etc. He was co-author of two secondary education book entitle: Puerto Rico y las Américas (1989) and Historia de Puerto Rico: sitios de la memoria (1994). Also he was the editor and co-author of and university book entitle: Globalization in the Americas: A Geographical Approach (1997). He was the only author of these university books: 1. Geografía, ecología y derecho de Puerto Rico y el Caribe (1994) 2. San Juan, Puerto Rico: La Ciudad al Margen de la Bahía (1998) 3. ¿Quién Defiende la Naturaleza? Leyes Ambientales de Puerto Rico y del Caribe (1999) 4. Derecho Ambiental (2000) 5. Geonatura: Aplicaciones de los SIG en la Ciencias Ambientales y de la Salud (2001) and Geocaribe: Ensayos sobre Medio ambiente, cultura y salud (2005). Actually he just finish a new book entitle: Environmental Impact in the Islands of Puerto Rico. He has published in peer review journals more than a hundred articles related to environmental sciences and education, global changes and law.

Dr. Seguinot maintains an active research program in GIS, environmental geology and global climatic changes. Specifically he is applying GIS to local regional and global environmental changes, ecological corridors and geological risk assessment. His laboratory technique studies the processes of global changes such as sea level rise, human diseases distribution and human impact upon the environment. He has been a visiting professor at the following universities: Cadiz University, National University of Costa Rica, Laval University of Québec, Universidad Complutense of Madrid, University of Alcalá de Henares, University of Sao Paulo, University of Buenos Aires, University of Habana, University of Chicago, University of Costa Rica, Autonomous University of Madrid, la University of Salamanca, University of Quintana Roo, University of Aveiro, National University of México and Catania University.