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Tischa Muñoz-Erickson
Project Leader and Co-PI, San Juan ULTRA
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My current research involves the long-term analysis of how knowledge-action systems work in the governance of urban social-ecological systems, and how these may be improved or designed to contribute to innovative and adaptive capacities in cities.  A key approach to my research has been to study the political, social relations (networks), and knowledge systems of governance as part of the broader social-ecological system so as to simultaneously understand the process, outcomes, and emerging properties affecting the resilience and sustainability of the system.  In addition to scientific research, I am actively involved in developing social arrangements, programs, and tools that can facilitate transdisciplinary collaborations among diverse research and policy stakeholders, and in so doing, improve our ability as a society to learn, deliberate and act towards environmental and social outcomes.  
I hold a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from Northern Arizona University and a PhD from the School of Sustainability (with emphasis in policy and governance) from Arizona State University. I am a recipient of an Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training Fellowship (IGERT) from the National Science Foundation, a Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF) from the Social Science Research Council, and was Chief Scholar for the USDA Forest Service.   I have conducted research on forest management in the US southwest, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica, and now on land use and green areas in the city of San Juan.
Expertise Areas
Policy and governance (environmental, adaptive, networked); urban social-ecological systems and sustainability; knowledge politics and decision-making; environmental science-policy; innovation systems and adaptive capacity; collaborative resource management; scenario studies; resilience and vulnerability; sustainability science and assessments; interdisciplinary and transdisiplinary research and education; land use planning and policy.